With 55% of India's population still using inefficient chulha's, which require at least 6-8 kg of firewood daily/family. Swami Samarth has developed 'Agneekaa' - a fuel efficient yet affordable cook stove for those who cannot afford or do not have access to cooking options like gas or electric stoves.

Agneeka reduces Carbon monoxide (CO) Emissions by more than 80% and can use wood, coal, biomass pellets, rice husk etc. as fuel. The enterprise intends to take its product to the masses through its distribution network, which will be created across rural India. While it is already in the process of tie-ups with various NGOs and organizations having CSR funds, it plans to partner with microfinance institutions and gram panchayat's to reach out to more people. Meanwhile, by appointing local entrepreneurs (like tea stallholders) as dealers, the company is able to give live demos and promote the cook stoves directly. It also manufactures pellet-based commercial biomass stoves with the brand name 'Agneekaa' for commercial establishment like canteen, hotels and midemeals.