Eco Lakshmi stove

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What is Agneekaa Eco-Lakshmi Cook Stove? It's a biomass Forced Draft Stove developed using Scientific principles and latest technology. It is operated by Natural draft primary source of air and Forced draft secondary source of air. You can use wood, agro waste, cowdung cakes, corn stalks, coconut shell as the fuel in this stove. Benefits of using Agneekaa Eco-Lakshmi Cook Stove 90% less smoke due to extra source of secondary supply of air and insulation engeering Wood Saving of 60 to 70% comparing with mud Chulha. No need to blow air continuously like mud Chulha. It’s portable, so no need to put in a single place like mud Chulha. It is front loading like Mud Chulha. Some Special key features. Attractive design. Strong & Durable. Smoke free fresh environment in the home. Less time consumption of cooking due to proper guided flame. Time and Space required storing of firewood is saved. No burn hazards due to safety features.

As a solution to combat the global warming problem, Agneekaa introduces the Eco Lakshmi Forced Draft Improved Cookstove. This innovative stove operates by supplying preheated forced air through a motorized blower into a specific air gap around the combustion chamber. With this feature, complete combustion of the fuel is achieved, reducing smoke by up to 90% compared to traditional mud stoves.

The stove's combustion chamber is surrounded by thermal insulation that can withstand temperatures as high as 1200 degrees Celsius. This specific structure enables constant maintenance of the chamber's temperature, allowing hot air, which turns lighter, to rise and create space for a new supply of oxygen through the forced air. As a result, the stove can achieve complete combustion, ensuring maximum efficiency and reducing fuel consumption by 50-70%.

With this advanced design, cooking time is reduced, and the food cooked on the Eco Lakshmi Forced Draft Improved Cookstove is as delicious and tempting as the food cooked on traditional mud stoves. This stove provides a healthy and smokeless environment for rural homemakers/ladies, making them habitual to this better and cleaner


A) Cook Stove Type/ Category Forced Draft

B) Secondary Air Supply Through Forced Draft

C) Stove Material Used

  • Body Material - GI Sheet
  • Body Thickness 0.6mm
  • Combustion Chamber Material - Stainless Steel SS 202/201 2B grade
  • Combustion Chamber Thickness - 1 mm
  • Insulating Material - Ceramic Thermal, Wool and Glasswool
  • Insulating Material Weight - 300- 350gm
  • Top Plate Material - Stainless Steel SS 202/201 Mat/grade
  • Top Plate Thickness 1 mm

D) Physical Structure

External Dimension

  • Length :- 300mm
  • Width :- 292mm
  • Height :- 262mm
  • Combustion Chamber Dimension Diameter :- 105mm
  • Front Loading Area - 132mm*91mm height.

E) Electronics Component

  • Blower ( Fan, Motor) 6 V DC Motor
  • Battery - Lithium-Ion Cell 3.7V, 2000 mAH
  • Battery Backup 12 to 16 Hrs.
  • Standard Mobile Charger *Not Included in Supply
  • Charging cord included - 5.2 V, 1.2Amp.
  • USB Cable - Length :- 375mm

F) Wood Tray Material HR sheet 2 mm Thickness
G) Wight Of the Stove 4.950 Kg Gross Weight With Box 5.5 kg )

H) Type of Fuel Use Firewood , Agro Waste, Corn cobs, Cow Dung etc.
I) Feeding Process Continuous Feeding Front Loading
J) Expected life of stove - 5 Years

K) Guarantee /Warranty Period - 1 Year ( Electronic parts do not comes under warranty )

L) Box Dimension Outer Side Box Dimension

  • Length :- 310mm
  • Width :- 310mm
  • Height :- 275 mm

M) Efficiency (%) -  42.14 %

N) PM 2.5 (mg/MJd) - 131.75 mg/MJd

O) CO (g/MJd) - 1.82 g/MJd

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